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What is a garden to you?

Each person has a different garden perspective: some just want a few plants to have some green and do not want to take care of and to maintain.
Others want something refined, chic, with expensive plants, and look for professionals to plan and take care of their gardens. It is a garden just to be admired.
Others want something very natural, more rustic, without planning, with mixture of all species without any concern about style and aesthetics. Some want a garden that they can stare at, that can smell, have movement, colors, and they enjoy interacting with the landscape
.They like to have fruit trees to attract birds, herbs to use in their teas and food... Anyway, whatever your type is, it is important to have a landscaper who understands your desire, your needs and presents a project following your style and your dream.

Gardening is almost a spiritual experience for those who like and enjoy. It can be an excellent form of therapy, go stirring in plants, idealizing what you want in that space. It is a way of relaxing and reducing stress.
A pleasant landscape makes us feel more joy, mind peace, vitality, hope.
Feng Shui is a natural resource to use in landscaping. There are many opinions about it, and for me it means focusing on creating a vibrant, cheerful landscape, with balance of light and shadow, with smells, that can attract birds, with colors, sounds of water, wind bells, places to sit and think, and  finally and more important , bring a connection and interaction of the client with that space.

A garden with Feng Shui (no matter its size or style) should consider the layout with the use of the 5 Elements of nature (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) and the balance of Yin and Yang to bring good luck and harmony. You have to analyze the various views and the topography of the place in order to take advantage of them, you have to consider the drainage of the site, give privacy where necessary.
A landscaper who has knowledge of Feng Shui can advise the ideal place to build the pool, a water pound, a fountain, a deck, a gazebo, a kiosk, where to place a sculpture.
It designs a balanced external (garden) environment that takes balanced energy into the interior of the residential or commercial property. If you have a harmonious garden with plenty of Chi, this will bring more contentment.
My job is to inspire you to look at your garden with other eyes and to create harmony for your garden bringing good luck to you and your family.

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    Landscaping Testimonials

    My family and I built a rustic house in Sousas district (Brasil) and  we had a large free area to prepare for our garden and leisure area. We did Feng Shui Consulting with Fafá in 2009 when we moved to our new home and in 2010, we asked her to help us with the outside area. First, Fafá talked with us to know what was our wishes and dream for that area and wanted to know what was our taste, our style. Then with her knowledge and experience in landscaping and Feng Shui she helped us create a quiet, lovely place to stay, and my family, me and our friends felt nourished by the sense of peace and beauty of our garden. We do not get tired of admiring every corner. I recommend the work of this Consultant and Landscape Architect. We love it!

    Tuca P. – Sousas - Brasil