Services from The Aligned Space


The consultations typically have the following steps:

You send the floor plan from the place you want to be analyzed, some pictures and videos that can give a good idea of the place and answer to a questionnaire we will send to you. We will analyze and identify what is blocking the flow of the energy in your place and make proposals and advices to clear the blocks and help you to create new opportunities in your life.

You will receive the floor plan back with an overlay of the Bagua, that is the tool we use, an energetic map of the nine life areas. You will also get a consultation report to guide you through adjustments and to inspire you to move ahead in order to reach your goals.

We will schedule a convenient date for the consultation, and we will explain you why you need to make some shifts to make you feel confident and happy to go on in this process. We honor the “Red envelopes tradition” which requires you preparing 9 red envelopes for the consultation. We can explain how it works, but you can also check in our site under “Curiosities”.

It takes us around 2 to 3 hours to walk around your place inside and outside depending on the size. We will analyze each room, check the chi flow, the influence of the colors and furnishings arrangement, the command positions and will go after solutions that you will feel comfortable with. You will receive advices and adjustments on how exactly you should do to enhance the areas of your life according to the intentions you have for your home.

For going off of my area, there may be a travel surcharge, payable at the consultation.

Consultation Testimonials

If you want to align your space, bringing new perspectives to your mind and your body, bringing more health and courage to you, see what is not visible and not very clear to you in your life, you want to make positive changes in your personal, professional, family, financial life, Fátima Valente (Fafá), can make a difference.  She did it to me!"

Maurício Martinez – Americana, SP – Brasil

I have known Fafá for many years, but I only discovered about her work after seeing the results of feng shui at my sister's house, it was really amazing.

My life needed to start flowing and I needed a serious change. I was aware of it, but I was not brave enough to do something, and when I started the consultation, Fafá said: feng shui helps the changes to happen, are you prepared? I remember like it was today: I created courage. I always liked this subject and I saw a wonderful change in my sister's life.I decided then to invest in Feng Shui to try to harmonize the environments of my house and the changes happened. It was not a magical result, it did not happen overnight, it was a slow process, not as fast as my sister's, but it was amazing. It was all I needed and had no courage to take an attitude and it was remarkably interesting to see, to follow the events.

Harmony in my place gave me the strength and courage to go ahead and my life changed for the better, it brought balance while I started harmonizing. I recommend a consultancy. Fafá is an experienced professional, brilliant, studious, serious, careful, caring, attentive, detailed, patient, and clear in the explanation, giving details to everything.

She is an amazing professional. In addition to all these qualities, she is always helping the others. She has a way of working and helping the poor people through the red envelopes, that is wonderful! I RECOMMEND IT!

M.C - Brasil

I did the Feng Shui consultancy and loved it! The changes in my place brought a better flow of the energy and I started to enjoy staying in my place and people noticed the difference immediately. My life is changing at each Fafá’s advice I realize, and I feel my place is getting more and more balanced, light, full of joy. My family felt it too so they also help to follow Fafá’s directions.Feng Shui became my style of looking to things and places now. I am grateful, Fafá, and I am looking forward to bringing you to our new house in the mountains. I want you to help us bring the joy to that place like you did to our home.

Beatriz de Castilho e Silva and family – Sao Paulo

We met the architect and Feng Shui consultant, Fátima, through a friend of ours. She has already had a Consultancy with Fátima and she was very happy about it. My family and I had returned to Brazil coming back from the USA where we lived for 7 years, and our move back was not easy. We were living an unbalanced period. Do you know those moments in life where you do not feel well anywhere? We decided to look for Fátima to help us to balance our new home. We had already had some information about Feng Shui and we were open to change that situation that was bothering us. The work made by Fátima, whom we started calling Fafá, was impeccable and efficient. Each changing she suggested, she would ask if we were comfortable with, and we started to feel fast results. She would propose each detail very carefully, and generally more than one option, what was able to match with my family style and personality. Since then, Fafá started to be part of our family, of our lives. She helped us to find balance through practical suggestions, and our house became cozy, pleasant where we find peace and tranquility.

Marco e Stella Accordi – Campinas - 5 de fevereiro de 2011 - Brasil

We had a consultancy with Ms. Fatima Valente and it literally changed our life. My family and I have been into Feng Shui since Fatima visited our home in Utah in 2007. My husband and I first cleaned some clutter, took down all our old decoration and painted the walls with the colors she suggested. She pointed out that we had too much decoration and that we had too much metal furniture. We made the changes she asked us to, and within less than 02 months of getting Fatima´s consultancy, I got a wonderful  job after 2 years out of work .We used the tools she taught us and  every result was incredible. Also my sister finally got her stuff out of our basement after 4 years (and I just could ask her to do that after Fatima explained about all the stuck energy we had downstairs from other people) and we saw that our lives start opening for new opportunities after that. We also took Fatima´s advice about getting rid of the clutter in our backyard in our prosperity area, and guess what happened: my husband got a promotion and an increase in his salary and we could buy a new house and change our car right after. We look at our home with pleasure now.  Dear Fatima, we are so thankful for your presence in our lives and hope you can keep going with your amazing work wherever you go. Hope you can come back here to Utah!

Arthur and Shereen Wilson – Utah - USA

Fatima´s FS consultancy in our home was so nice. She gave us all the explanation about the areas and how we could enhance the energy in each one. She was very gentle and professional at the same time. We could immediately realize some changes and we started to feel better in our space. It is a pleasure to arrive home now after Fátima pointed out where we should care about. Also, we cleaned a lot of clutter and this action has opened new opportunities to us. Thank you so much, Fatima, for the precious help and we hope you can keep going with your wonderful work helping people like you did to us. Love!

Helen Johnson - Utah – USA

Dear Fatima, you came here in 2007 but your presence is alive in our home until now. You came into our home and into our hearts like a bright and warm sun light. We admired your professional manners and at the same time so friendly way of working. My family and I want to thank you so much for everything you taught us: how to get rid of our clutter, how to organize our home, how to look at our home as a sacred place. We did almost everything you advised and some of the results were immediately seen not only by us but by people that came to our home. Some other results were appearing little by little and Feng Shui is part of our family. I also went to that Feng Shui workshop you told me in Miami, and I loved it. When you come back to Utah, our door is open for you. Love and light for you and yours.

Ann and Mark Ponder – Utah – USA

Fátima Valente has visited my home and office in Southern Illinois, USA. She quickly recommended new placement of furniture and objects in my home, as well as colors for the interior, and provided a professional report that included not only what to do, but why.  Following Fátima’s recommendations, the home now has a wonderful sense of harmony and alignment. All of the spaces seem more welcoming, and a pleasure to come home to. In my office, a simple rearrangement of the furniture yielded amazing results! In fact, my 14-year-old daughter visited my office just after that, without knowing of the changes, and said “Wow! What did you do in here? It feels so much happier now!” Following that, Fátima recommended painting the office to change to warmer, brighter colors, and added some pictures, plants, and a few splashes of red color to enhance success and prosperity. What a difference! I now feel energized in the office and accomplish more than ever before. Many people comment on how nice my office is, even though it is in an old building adjacent to a steel manufacturing foundry. Compared to the surrounding areas, it literally appears that the sun is shining in my office!

I have also seen some of Fátima’s landscaping design work, and she is remarkably talented with an eye for detail that can reinvent and beautify outdoor spaces. Approaches to homes and buildings have become warm and inviting with her touch on placement of the perfect plants and objects for the environment. She has transformed outdoor living spaces to leave a feeling of balance and serenity, which I have seen for myself in Brazil. Fátima is approachable, charismatic, and attentive. She is truly gifted with the ability to clear spaces and bring energy and balance.  Fátima has positively impacted many lives, including my family’s and mine. Fátima, thank you so much!

Jay Monaco - Illinois – USA

Your first Feng Shui Consultation and visit in our web design office was in August 2007, but it is totally in our minds until now all the indications and directions you gave to us. It was a successful transformation in many ways. In January 2018, ten years later, we had an online Consultation with you about our new office and our home. No more office robbery after the protection you told us to provide for the office and the sales got much better results. The amazing news was that we had our so wished baby. We cannot thank you enough, Fa. How hard it was for us to be able to conceive. We made everything, all the cures in our home that you advised us to, but mainly we wrote the Gratitude journal you asked us for, thanking God for providing a miracle in our lives. We are looking forward to buying a new and bigger house soon for us and our baby, James Michael. Hopefully, we can have more babies soon! We would like to share with you the wonderful news. We will be looking for your consultancy soon because we want you to help us find the best house for raising our kids. May God protect you and guide you to help people like you did to us. Our gratitude.

Thomas and Maryann Smith – Fortworth – Texas

I attended Fafá’s lecture at “Cultura bookstore” and was interested in his Consulting. At the end of the presentation, I spoke to her and made an agreement with her. I talked to my family and everyone was excited. The only one who did not work out was my son Vitor who does not believe in anything.

I sent the floor plan of our house, we answered the questionnaire, we sent some photos and on the scheduled day, Fafá arrived and was talking about how our house demonstrated who we were. He pointed out areas where we should make corrections and when he went to my son's room, he asked for leave and said if he would like to hear what she had to say. He showed indifference and my husband and I were nervous about his attitude. But Fafá did not seem to bother and was speaking with such delicacy, respect and showing him how she interpreted the energy of that room and what he could do to open up opportunities in his life. The way she talked to him moved us. She told Vitor to think calmly about whether or not he would like to make the changes she indicated if he agreed. My husband and I didn't want to believe what we saw because the next day, Vitor moved the bed, cleaned the desk, changed the paintings from the wall and asked to buy paint to paint his room with the color she indicated. Then Vitor's life opened up in such a way that he was the one who most advertised Fafá's work. We love our whole process and change the way we take care of our home. We also did the Law of Attraction workshop with her in our house. It was nice to see the family participating and Vitor brought two friends. Then Vitor and these friends opened an event company that was the result of the energy they vibrated during our workshop. Fantastic.

Fafá then did the consulting in their new office and we always laugh at how Vitor, who did not believe in anything, now only does things if Fafá says he can! Unbelievable. Fafá, our thanks for your work, professionalism and unconditional love that you demonstrate.

Tadeu, Márcia, Alice, Bianca and Vitor Oliveira Penteado - Sousas

I traveled the company to China in 2008 and was curious about Feng Shui and how it worked. Then I went to India and they also apply something like Feng Shui. My wife was there a lecture by Fátima Valente in a holistic space in Campinas and came back very enthusiastic asking what I thought of calling her to analyze our house. I agreed at the time and I can only say that if you who are reading have never done a Consulting, do not waste more time. It was transformative. We change the way we care and look at our home and people notice and make comments about how our house is cheerful, pleasant and they don't even feel like leaving.

Guilherme and Selma  C. Antunes  - San Conrado - Sousas