About The Aligned Space

How is the health of your home or workplace?

Our spaces should be Sacred. We should honor them every day. So, what does Sacred mean? A sacred space is a place that is protected, balanced and brings security. It should be our safe harbor, full of peace, harmony, joy and revitalization. Our homes are like the mirrors of our Souls and what happens in our lives. Consciously or not, we project ourselves into the environment in which we live and we create the life that happens there.

Homes and business are living spaces. There are things we do not "see" that may influence our energy. Our life is affected by the energies we allow to enter our spaces. If the place is in balance and healthy energetically, we feel happy, confident, and safe. But if there are imbalances - if it is messy, gloomy, cluttered with furniture and décor objects, for example, it can cause problems to the point of negatively affecting our lives. Our health, creativity, work, relationships, prosperity and finances can be damaged, and discouragement, irritation, and lack of vitality can result for those who live or work there.

But do not despair! The good news is that we can positively change the vibe of our spaces by bringing in Feng Shui principles along with some other tools to enhance the lives of everyone there.