About The Aligned Space

When do you need a Feng Shui consultation from us?

There is no rule regarding timing. Feng Shui should be used to align your home or work space to create an ideal environment. When you are feeling stuck, or feel the need to improve your health, prospects, relationships or any other aspects of your life, that is the right time.

Feng Shui should be used as a tool for a vacant lot, to start any type of construction, for any existing construction (residential or commercial), for a single room, for an office and for buying or selling properties. It is ideal to get a consultation before building a property to enable us to evaluate the site, its surroundings and the floor plan to check if they are favorable according to Feng Shui principles. If it is not possible to plan it before, a consultation can happen any time later.

We can work with an architect, interior designer, contractor, or developer to suggest better room positions, furniture placement, colors, and other necessary adjustments before, during or after the construction. For a renovation or remodeling, we will be able to provide tips to support the space and ensure positive flowing of the Chi so that residents and/or users will feel better energy and well-being.

When you simply need an energy shift to bring the best vibration to transform your space, Feng Shui can help. We can assist in restoring and supporting not only your energy, but the energy of those whom use the space. With our consultation you will feel empowered to meet your goals and dreams, creating a connection to feel more balanced in your life.

As experienced practitioners we give a personalized orientation to enhance the areas of life like career, self-knowledge, family, wealth, relationships, children and creativity, helpful people, travel and health.

All the information and data given to us will be kept confidential.